Thursday, September 4, 2008

Traveling Pants and The Quest for Perfection

So I went home last weekend and took some great pics of my nephew! I will get them up soon, I promise (the fam wants them:) I am headed to Seattle tomorrow morning EARLY!! I'm headed up there for the BYU/U-dub football game. I am so excited for it. I'm there with my friend for 2 days, staying with my aunt and uncle and will of course have pics of that as well. I'm sorry I've been delayed with the pictures, just too much going on. Oh, my final for my Evidence Law class was this week also, NO MORE EVIDENCE LAW!! I am glad that one is over. One more class next Tuesday and i will be a certificated paralegal, that's right folks, the year of never enough time to get everything in will be in the past...right! But school stuff will be done, at least for a while, until I have a ridiculous desire to go back for more.

I'll type more when I get back....GO COUGARS!
(BYU's theme for football this year "The Quest For Perfection, yes, I got the shirt!)