Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally an update...

So i LOVE my new job. Just wanted to let you all know that. The people are really nice, friendly, and I'm in a more professional setting that, I think, is more to my taste. I never really thought of a career while in school, it wasn't in the plan, but if I have to choose, this job is pretty good. One funny little moment though, what would this blog be without a lisa moment. Last Thursday, I needed to get a hold of a coworker. Our internal email program has a chat function and I was having fun learning the ropes of how people in my office communicate. I found who I wanted to chat with, clicked on what I thought was the correct button and to my horror, saw that the button I pushed, invited MY ENTIRE office to a chat meeting. I quickly logged off the chat, but throughout the rest of the day, I got pop ups asking if someone could help me, they saw I had tried to contact them, or at the end of the day by the elevator, I got the snide remarks, so, wanna chat? I guess all the new people do this and one day, I will get my chance to laugh when the next employee takes their turn. What's a little more embarrassing, my boss, the head guy, joined the chat. He was just curious to see what I wanted to talk to everyone about.

Here's chatting with ya!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Job

I started my new job this week!! Yippee! I am actually really excited about this job. I'm working for the Federal Court system, at the District Court here in San Diego. My title is Administrative Assistant (I know, not so glamorous) but, I'm the assistant to the Clerk of the Court and the Deputy Chiefs, who are the top guys that run the Federal Court here in SD. My hope is that when I finish my paralegal program (at the end of this summer quarter!!) I will be able to move into a more paralegal type job. For right now, this is a foot in the door and I'm really excited about it. It's going to be a pretty busy job, and I'll be around the whole office (which is an entire floor of the federal building), hopefully meeting a lot of the staff. I've been impressed so far with my bosses and think this move will be a good one. So there you have it folks, I'm a government worker now!

P.S. yes, you may have heard a couple months back that a pipe bomb went off in front of the SD federal building. yes that is the building I work in, but the view from my area is great, I can see Coronado from it!

Random pictures of life, and the cutest niece!!

So here a couple photos from sushi night, lucky Ryan!! As well as pictures from a friends wedding and the 4th. My sister and her family came down to San Diego to the beach. It was a fun day, seeing Mariah experience the beach for the first time.