Sunday, August 17, 2008

Important thoughts and the blind leading the blind

So, California is in the middle of a debate that has concerned me more and more over the last month. It's the Proposition 8 debate, will the California Constitution allow only a man and a woman to be legally recognized as a marriage institution, or will anyone be allowed to marry, and that is what it will become, anyone will be allowed to marry, however many people they want, whatever they want. So i urge people to go to the website that has been set up to support Prop 8, where the constitution will be forever amended to read marriage is only between a man and a woman. Not just Californian's can donate, anyone can. I think this is a moment in the history of our country that is so important, the church is getting so involved in this. And this website is supported by the church, please look!

Summer time!

It's the summer of weddings, summer of outdoor activities, what else could a girl want? So after a little blogging hiatus (not my fault, just busy at work. Hey my last job really didn't give me much to do:) So what has Lisa been up to?

Work: It's still really good. I am doing new things every day. I'm getting put on different projects, seeing new and interesting documents (that I really did learn about in paralegal school! Imagine, what I learned directly tying into my work!) And on that note, I finish my paralegal training in 3 weeks! Senioritis is setting in, but I can see the end in sight!

Boating: Last weekend, I went to Big Bear with some friends. A friend had a cabin and so we took up another friends boat and tried our feet at wakeboarding and our bodies at tubing. I have never been wakeboarding and after some attempts, I still need a few more tries before I get up:) It was so fun, but I have to admit, it felt like my arms were rubber afterwards! I couldn't grip anything for a week, my forearms hurt so bad. But, my favorite was tubing. I loved it! I did get a little bodyslammed though (thanks Jake and Chris). My body was a little bruised afterwards, having been bounced around and smashed a few times. But when I flew off the tube and ended up 20 feet from where I got thrown off, I knew I was going to love the rest of day!

Weddings: I've had a few friends get married, but one of my really good friends joined the ranks of the married folks and left our singles ward. I have to say I really miss her there, but am so happy for her. Here are a few pics of the day. She and her now husband (go garbells!) looked fantastic and so happy!