Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Spirit comes in a tupperware

This year, Christmas was a little outside the norm. We gathered at my sister's housee (thanks Jordan's) and did Christmas on Wednesday. My brother had to work Christmas eve and Christmas day, so we bumped the holiday up. My dad still did the traditional reading of "The Gift of the Magi" and the one gift of PJ's were opened. All good times. I love my family, but sorry folks, the niece stole the show. She is 15 months old and a jabbering, fun, laughing, intuitive little girl. I love playing with her. So one day, while in one of her silly moods, she pulled out a square tupperware container. It fit over her head perfectly. And, we found out, it fit on top of my head just fine as well. This discovery though, gave Mariah an idea. This container is like a helmet, it will protect my face and head from anything. She then proceeded to test her helmet theory, by headbutting me. Ahh, the joys of childhood. I think 15 month olds have harder heads than us adults. After every hit, she would giggle and think it was the funniest thing ever. Next time, I'd like to find my own tupperware helmet.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is it Possible?

Apparently Malibu got a light dusting of snow last night. My sister's house in Yucaipa at the base of the San Bernardino mountains got a couple inches of snow as well. The mountains east of San Diego got snow too!! Is it possible a white christmas could be in my future? Another storm is supposed to come in next week...maybe!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Movies

I have a few favorite Christmas movies that I pull out every year. Last night I finally got to watch the Jim Carrey version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" last night. Sunday night, while attempting to write my Christmas letter, I watched Scrooge, the really good Albert Finney musical version, that I think many have not seen. So at this time of year, when ABC family channel has a Christmas movie a night if you cared to spend the time watching, which one is your favorite?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What am I listening to right now?

I downloaded Taylor Swift's new album...I think it's a keeper.

Simple pleasure

About a month ago, I went up to visit my sister, brother in law and their baby, my cutest red-headed niece. I forgot to post a couple pics and the video will come up later...

And we did lunch at a place that is becoming a fast favorite...Apple Dumpling in Oak Glen, so cinnamony, apply good!

The Jewel

A couple Sunday's ago I was a little tuckered out from the Prop 8 parties and work. (By the way, I love my work right now, I have just felt a little overwhelmed the last few weeks with so much going on and there was not down time at work either). My posts were probably few and far between, my days have just been flying by that I really can't remember what I have been doing!

Anyway...on to what I did to alleviate my stress. I went out one afternoon to get a glimpse of the sunset over the cove. I had planned on going to the cliffs that over look Black's beach, but there were no parking spaces. So I drove down below UCSD a little bit and found another lookout point (I think I actually created my own, there weren't any trails:) The clouds were beautifully spaced and the weather was just gorgeous. By the way, it's been about 85 degrees this weekend. There are fires up in LA, which is a bummer, but down here, we've had some nice weather though the fear of fires is still there with the Santa Ana's. But it has made for some nice pictures.

And to show what prop 8 calling looked like:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a few more days...

The election season is coming to a close. Next Tuesday Californian's will vote either Yes or No on Proposition 8. And this week a friend of mine reminded me of what this is all really about. For some it's about the legalities of marriage. For those who are no on Prop 8 it may be that they feel rights are being taken away, or that we are discriminating against a group of people who happen to be different than many of us. I can see the arguments from both sides and agree wholeheartedly with Yes on Prop 8 for one reason. Marriage between a man and a woman is a sacred relationship that is at the heart of the Plan of Salvation that Heavenly Father has given us. Families are fundamental to this plan. And families started in a temple is the ultimate goal. If a marriage between ANY two people is allowed, churches could be sued and told by the government to perform marriages that may go against the belief of the church, under a governmental mandate that we can't discriminate who we marry. So for me, this is a vote to keep the family instituted by God the way he created it, between a man and a woman, with the possibility of being married in the temple and continuing for all time. That's what it's about.

Monday, October 27, 2008

CLM #3

Haven't had a good one in a while, but here's one for the books. Luckily, I was alone with this happened. I was at work...picture it, me in the Executive office, my co worker was gone for the week. I was working in our side room when I felt my heel catch on my probably too-wide-leg dress pants (love them though). Can you picture me tripping and falling to the floor (so far, work has only gotten a glimpse of how accident prone I can be, thankfully). So I tripped, and ripped the hem undone from my pants. I luckily found a safety pin and temporarily hemmed my pants until I could do it at home. And I'm wearing the pants again today:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prop 8 calling gems!

The CA YSA's have been given the challenge to call 1 million voters before election day. I've called last night and tonight and plan on tomorrow night and many more times before election day. But in my two nights of political telemarketing, I've come across some little gems.

1. This can be really boring. I remember doing telemarketing in college and now remember why I didn't stick with that job.

2. Voice is gone by 2nd hour of 2nd day...fabulous. Your boss thinks your sick though, maybe he'll send you home:)

3. Confidence in humanity has been somewhat restored...i was afraid there for a while.

4. "She don't tell me, I don't tell her, so we don't tell you." has been my favorite line so far. Thanks for your time sir!!

5. How late is too late to call someone? I went until 8:40pm tonight and after 5 people in a row told me I was calling too late, I believed them and decided I was done.(I really do want to know the answer to this one, so please, let me know your too late to call times, when do you not answer your phone?)

6. Apparently 1,000 cell phone minutes isn't as much as I thought it was. I will never telemarket over my cell phone again:)

7. I've gotten a few peeps tell me I should be ashamed of myself for voting yes. Oh well, again, 'Thanks sir for your time, have a good night." I can live with myself still in the morning.

But for the most part, it's been pretty positive, I hope this gives others some hope!

Life's a Dance...

A friend of mine sent me this picture...if people got along like this, maybe the world in general would be a better place:)

I actually think this is the couple that voted off last night...hmmm.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Check out this blog, it's a great legal review of Prop 8...

This blog is a really good LEGAL overview of why someone should consider voting yes on Prop. 8. There are the moral and social issues, but his blog gives a clear legal review regarding the constitutionality of this proposition and why voting no will be a detriment to all, even those who want it to fail.

As a side note, the other night I was out with a few friends putting up Yes on Prop 8 signs. I find it amazing how intolerant some people can be. I'm getting bashed for being intolerant of other's lifestyles by voting yes on prop 8, but isn't someone else being intolerant when they yell swear words and other obscenities at me when I'm putting up signs? If this whole argument is about tolerance, than it needs to go both ways people!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Californian's Speak Out

Here is an article on, the main site for those supporting Proposition 8:

I am proud of the students at American River College for taking this to a vote and deciding within their schools democratic system to support this initiative. When the people speak out, great things can happen. keep up the support!
(Another website:, set up by the LDS church)

Traditional Marriage Initiative Makes Gains with Young Voters

October 10, 2008
By Trish Teves
Christian Newswire

CALIFORNIA, Oct. 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- In what some may consider a surprising turn of events, Yes on 8 is gaining ground among young voters according to a poll conducted over the weekend by SurveyUSA on behalf of four California television stations. The poll shows a sharp uptick in support for Proposition 8, with 47% for Yes, 42% for No, and 10% undecided. The new poll shows some of the strongest support among young voters, those aged 18 to 34, a group that previous polls had shown to favor same-sex marriage. The subsample of voters between 18 and 34 support Prop. 8 by a considerably larger margin of 53% to 39%.

"Although the polling results might change some, we're glad to see those numbers. Young people are a vital part of the effort to protect traditional marriage," said Yes on 8 Co- Campaign Manager Frank Schubert. "People of all ages are recognizing the serious negative consequences if Prop. 8 fails."

* * *

Expressing concerns about the consequences to education if Prop. 8 fails, the student council of the largest community college in California has voted to back the initiative. By an 8-3 vote with three abstentions, the American River College student council voted to support Prop. 8. Opponents of Prop. 8 cursed, shouted, and tried to intimidate the student council in the lawful execution of their student government rights and responsibilities. But the council sent a strong message that the values and free expression of those supporting Prop. 8 will not be intimidated by intolerant opponents.

According to the Sacramento Bee, student council member Viktor Choban, 25, said he voted his conscience. "This resolution has everything to do with education because it affects all the public schools and colleges," the Bee quoted Choban as saying. "If Proposition 8 fails, schools will absolutely be required to teach that gay marriage is equal to normal marriage, thereby confusing students and children about the most basic rules of men and women in society."

Choban was cursed and shouted at by some of the 200 students in the audience when he told his fellow councilmembers, "don't be intimidated." The Bee quoted Choban as saying of Prop. 8 opponents, "They're the aggressors. They won't tolerate my opinions."

* * *

Tapping into the surge of interest in the election among young voters, Prop. 8 supporters have launched, a new website designed to educate and motivate young people about Prop. 8. is geared toward teenagers and young adults from both secular and faith backgrounds, from Christian to Jewish, Mormon to Muslim.

Making it clear that the campaign is not against anyone, the site provides information in key areas: civil rights, kids, churches, education, public health, faith, and society, showing that Prop. 8 is about much more than marriage alone. It also shows how young people can take action for Prop. 8.

Working in partnership with the statewide campaign of Yes on, also directs users to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and BlueChowder, encouraging young people to register to vote, get informed about Prop. 8, and tell their friends to vote Yes on 8.

The Divine Institution of Marriage...

This last week was motivational for me. I was able to work the phones in calling those in the San Diego to encourage them to vote Yes on Proposition 8. Wednesday night was a fireside broadcast by church leaders from Salt Lake City, encouraging and outlining the ways the church is helping in this effort. Firstly, I am so grateful to know that God cares about this matter, that we are in a unique situation, place and time. I have talked to some people who are under the assumption that this Proposition will take away rights of homosexual couples. It DOES NO SUCH thing. This proposition defines what marriage will be in the state of California. California recognizes same sex civil unions, allowing those couples to receive the same benefits, tax status, rights, recognition as any other couple who are domestic partners or that have civil unions, heterosexual couples included in that. The taking away of rights IS NOT THE ISSUE.

I don't understand why folks who have rejected the traditional marriage definition want to TAKE AWAY MY RIGHTS TO BELIEVE THAT MARRIAGE IS ONLY BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. And they have rejected it. There was a choice involved in this. And now MY CHOICE TO BELIEVE IN TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE is being threatened. I have every right granted under the US Constitution to believe and practice my religion the way I want. I have every right to go to a church that teaches what I believe, not what the state mandates I need to accept. I cannot believe, that we in California are allowing 4 judges to mandate what we believe. I truly believe, that if this proposition passes, it will be like turning over my beliefs to the state. The state could then mandate what marriages must be performed in church buildings, what children must learn in public schools. I DO NOT WANT MY CHILDREN taught that same-sex marriage is an equally recognized institution to traditional marriage. I would pull my children from public school before I allowed them to be taught that. It goes against my religious beliefs. The state courts are on the edge of infringing on our religious beliefs and rights. This is our opportunity to stand up and be a voice of reason when our court systems seem to be lacking in that.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Even Further North...

What can be more exciting than a trip to somewhere new? A trip that includes BYU football of course! So Cassie and I went to Seattle (I have been there, but it's been a while and I don't remember much of what we did except maybe a human pyramid?). I have an aunt and uncle that kindly let us stay with them. And we tried to jam pack in as much as possible in the 2 days we were there. We got in on Friday morning after an extremely early flight out of San Diego (who was the crazy that planned that one and it's even more crazy that we found someone to take us to the airport that early!). Our first stop, after the rental car...downtown Seattle and the space needle! We tried to hit up as many tourist spots as possible in the one day we could devote to sight seeing. We went to the space needle, where our view was fantastic. We all associate Seattle with rain, but that weekend it was so clear, nice temperature and green! So beautiful. And we could tell that we were not the only BYU fans traipsing around..we met them all at the top of the space needle! Randomly, we met the people we were sitting next to at the game the next day:)

Next, we hit up the duck tour. This consisted of us getting onto an old WW2 floatable bus. It drove us around the tourist spots in downtown, with a crazy bus driver telling us of the history and stats about the city. This guy was so funny. I hope my video uploads to show you. We drove over a bridge that I'm blanking on the name of, to the other side of a lake that sits next Seattle. We then DROVE into the lake. The bus converted into a boat and took us for a boat tour of Seattle. It was awesome. The best way to quickly see Seattle in my opinion.

We then headed down to Pikes Market, where we walked around the many floors containing trinkets, home made items, food, fish, candy, clothing vendors and anything else you could think of. Again, the BYU fans were abundantly clear and ran into our game mates again. Cassie and I found this pasta that is flavored like chocolate. I of course bought some, anything chocolate works for me. I tried it after getting back to San Diego and not too bad. Interesting to eat chocolate pasta.

That night we met up with my aunt and uncle for dinner on the waterfront. Thanks again Kathy and Tim! It was fun to catch up and visit with the sun going down over the water, with the mountains across the sound in the background. I may not have seen Seattle in the rainy months, but it was gorgeous then and I thought, I could live here. Maybe, who knows where life will take me.

The next day...was the big event. BYU vs. Washington Huskies. My aunt and uncle were going as well, so we went early with them to the BYU tailgate party and then went and found our seats. Admittedly they were pretty high up, but we had a great view of the entire field and game. It was exciting, maybe a little too exciting for my comfort. BYU finally won the game by blocking Washington's point after attempt, 28-27. A little too close for comfort, but we'll take the win (and look at where they are now!)

After the game, my aunt and uncle again showed us the town, by taking us to the Puyallup(?) fair. We ate, walked around, checked out the livestock, and saw some really huge pumpkins. I had to buy something locally grown, so I got some Apple Spice honey creme. So good on hot toast. It was really fun to be there and see my family, who I hadn't seen in a while. So nice of them to let us stay. We left Seattle early on Sunday morning, making it back in time for church and the sunday school lesson I had to teach:)

The Great State of NorCal...

I know, it has been a while since you have heard from me. How does life get so busy and crazy? I don't know, but I have been told (mainly by my mom and sister) that an update is in order, since I live such an exciting life! (j/k, it's active, but maybe too crazy). So first update...going north!

I have a friend who likes to pretend that NorCal isn't even there, that it's part of the, i'm sure, wonderful state of Oregon. Well, it's there and maybe sometimes us northerners wish we were a separate state from the crazies down her in SoCal:) But in any case..I went north to visit the fam the weekend before my birthday. My sister Brigitte and her baby, my nephew, were there as well. While there, we ate the best Chinese food, went to the zoo, hung out with my nephew, went to church and saw friends..picked up my tickets to the Washington/BYU football game I was headed to the next week. It was nice to be home. I hadn't seen Logan since his blessing earlier in the spring, so it was fun to see him attempting to roll over and playing and being a very well behaved boy at the zoo and church. He's a good little guy!

While home, I got birthday gifts that are much appreciated. My mom bought me a really cute dress and bag, they've been put to good use. My sister Celia made my a quilt this summer and it is wonderful! I need to post a picture of it. I'm serious when i saw it's a work of art. She put so much time into this quilt. I had to keep it out for all my friends to see when I got back to San Diego.

I love tigers! I think they're a beautiful cat, but this one was kind of lazy! And the giraffes...apparently they had a surprise baby cute!

We got them to stand up...for Julia!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Traveling Pants and The Quest for Perfection

So I went home last weekend and took some great pics of my nephew! I will get them up soon, I promise (the fam wants them:) I am headed to Seattle tomorrow morning EARLY!! I'm headed up there for the BYU/U-dub football game. I am so excited for it. I'm there with my friend for 2 days, staying with my aunt and uncle and will of course have pics of that as well. I'm sorry I've been delayed with the pictures, just too much going on. Oh, my final for my Evidence Law class was this week also, NO MORE EVIDENCE LAW!! I am glad that one is over. One more class next Tuesday and i will be a certificated paralegal, that's right folks, the year of never enough time to get everything in will be in the past...right! But school stuff will be done, at least for a while, until I have a ridiculous desire to go back for more.

I'll type more when I get back....GO COUGARS!
(BYU's theme for football this year "The Quest For Perfection, yes, I got the shirt!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Important thoughts and the blind leading the blind

So, California is in the middle of a debate that has concerned me more and more over the last month. It's the Proposition 8 debate, will the California Constitution allow only a man and a woman to be legally recognized as a marriage institution, or will anyone be allowed to marry, and that is what it will become, anyone will be allowed to marry, however many people they want, whatever they want. So i urge people to go to the website that has been set up to support Prop 8, where the constitution will be forever amended to read marriage is only between a man and a woman. Not just Californian's can donate, anyone can. I think this is a moment in the history of our country that is so important, the church is getting so involved in this. And this website is supported by the church, please look!

Summer time!

It's the summer of weddings, summer of outdoor activities, what else could a girl want? So after a little blogging hiatus (not my fault, just busy at work. Hey my last job really didn't give me much to do:) So what has Lisa been up to?

Work: It's still really good. I am doing new things every day. I'm getting put on different projects, seeing new and interesting documents (that I really did learn about in paralegal school! Imagine, what I learned directly tying into my work!) And on that note, I finish my paralegal training in 3 weeks! Senioritis is setting in, but I can see the end in sight!

Boating: Last weekend, I went to Big Bear with some friends. A friend had a cabin and so we took up another friends boat and tried our feet at wakeboarding and our bodies at tubing. I have never been wakeboarding and after some attempts, I still need a few more tries before I get up:) It was so fun, but I have to admit, it felt like my arms were rubber afterwards! I couldn't grip anything for a week, my forearms hurt so bad. But, my favorite was tubing. I loved it! I did get a little bodyslammed though (thanks Jake and Chris). My body was a little bruised afterwards, having been bounced around and smashed a few times. But when I flew off the tube and ended up 20 feet from where I got thrown off, I knew I was going to love the rest of day!

Weddings: I've had a few friends get married, but one of my really good friends joined the ranks of the married folks and left our singles ward. I have to say I really miss her there, but am so happy for her. Here are a few pics of the day. She and her now husband (go garbells!) looked fantastic and so happy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally an update...

So i LOVE my new job. Just wanted to let you all know that. The people are really nice, friendly, and I'm in a more professional setting that, I think, is more to my taste. I never really thought of a career while in school, it wasn't in the plan, but if I have to choose, this job is pretty good. One funny little moment though, what would this blog be without a lisa moment. Last Thursday, I needed to get a hold of a coworker. Our internal email program has a chat function and I was having fun learning the ropes of how people in my office communicate. I found who I wanted to chat with, clicked on what I thought was the correct button and to my horror, saw that the button I pushed, invited MY ENTIRE office to a chat meeting. I quickly logged off the chat, but throughout the rest of the day, I got pop ups asking if someone could help me, they saw I had tried to contact them, or at the end of the day by the elevator, I got the snide remarks, so, wanna chat? I guess all the new people do this and one day, I will get my chance to laugh when the next employee takes their turn. What's a little more embarrassing, my boss, the head guy, joined the chat. He was just curious to see what I wanted to talk to everyone about.

Here's chatting with ya!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Job

I started my new job this week!! Yippee! I am actually really excited about this job. I'm working for the Federal Court system, at the District Court here in San Diego. My title is Administrative Assistant (I know, not so glamorous) but, I'm the assistant to the Clerk of the Court and the Deputy Chiefs, who are the top guys that run the Federal Court here in SD. My hope is that when I finish my paralegal program (at the end of this summer quarter!!) I will be able to move into a more paralegal type job. For right now, this is a foot in the door and I'm really excited about it. It's going to be a pretty busy job, and I'll be around the whole office (which is an entire floor of the federal building), hopefully meeting a lot of the staff. I've been impressed so far with my bosses and think this move will be a good one. So there you have it folks, I'm a government worker now!

P.S. yes, you may have heard a couple months back that a pipe bomb went off in front of the SD federal building. yes that is the building I work in, but the view from my area is great, I can see Coronado from it!

Random pictures of life, and the cutest niece!!

So here a couple photos from sushi night, lucky Ryan!! As well as pictures from a friends wedding and the 4th. My sister and her family came down to San Diego to the beach. It was a fun day, seeing Mariah experience the beach for the first time.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The End

Today is my last day working at the University of California, San Diego. For 3 1/2 years, I have been working here in the Special Collections library, working with documents of historical significance and rare, old books. But it's on to bigger and hopefully, better things. It's been a good experience and I'm looking forward to new future experiences in downtown San Diego. Yup, commute, here I come! Anyone know of a cheap parking structure downtown?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Who thought SD didn't get hot?!?

So, this is a little rant about how SD building contractors didn't think before they built. This weekend, I about melted into a "Lisa puddle." It was so stinking (yes, that too) hot. "But you live in San Diego, on the coast," you might say. I know! but it can still get hot here! The condo's/apartments/homes built along the coast here were not built with AC. I guess it the thought was for the cool ocean breeze to always be there to flow over the hills and cool us down. Not so! There is no breeze! I sat by the pool on saturday afternoon and melted, getting into the pool, getting out and melting again. That night, when it was still probably 100 degrees (felt like it) my friends and I hit up the local movie theater. I was paying for the movie yes,(Get Smart was REALLY funny) but mainly paying for a share of the cool air. I probably could have slept there if the air kept running!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Enough Said...

39 point Rout...enough said!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer of firsts..

I was talking to a friend last night about being 28 and how it is a great year (she turns 28 on Friday). And I thought, it's been a summer of firsts for me, my first time to Hawaii, my first drastic haircut, and other emotional firsts...and now, my first sushi experience. Yes folks, I had never had sushi, until last night. Manda thought I should FINALLY try the good stuff and then I would be addicted. So, last night with a group of friends that could surround me in comfort, safety and love, I tried sushi.

And the results:
I like spider rolls, shrimp tempura rolls(since they're cooked, I thought I'd like it), dragon rolls and eel(who would have thought). I think I did pretty well on all of them. There was one roll with a spicy salmon on top that looked a little scary to me. But I had said I would try them all. So as I stared at this big piece of rice and raw-something in the middle, with what I found out later was ground tuna on top, I thought to myself, this one is the test. I put it in, chewed...

Verdict? That one was gross. The ground up tuna (Rach described it as a fish smoothie, THANKS, that helped!) was spicy, but the texture was just nasty! Fish goo!! so that one will not be on my next plate.

Overall, the experience was really good. I tried about 9 different kinds (way too many names for me to remember what they were called, let alone what was in them), I got over my fear of sushi and found that I can try new things. And even if I have a lifelong, irrational thought about something, I can get over that. So while you may not find me out frequenting sushi establishments every weekend, I will be able to go and say, yes I like...and tick off what I want, as someone who has eaten sushi.

The Summer of Firsts has begun!

update: the 3rd and final missing item of importance to me, my camera, has been found. All items are now recovered and being lovingly cared for in secure places!

Monday, June 16, 2008

new products?

So on Saturday, my friends and I were out shopping, and we were in Nordstrom's at one point. There were these rings that looked like big ring pops, but more granite/stone looking. Kind of interesting. They looked like they could be large erasers as well. So my friends and I were thinking of marketing a new school supply necessity, the eraser ring. Students could wear this ring, and easily turn their hand over to erase their work. No more messy erasers on the tops of your pencils, that fall apart! Easy usage. One little tip, please put on the correct size ring. I put one on to see how it looked (these things stand about 2 inches high!) and it wouldn't come off! I got it over my knuckle, but it wouldn't come back over. So I pulled and tugged, then Jenny pulled and tugged and finally Bryonny had to pull and tug and it came off. I was just cracking up, thinking I was going to have pay $60 (ridiculous!) for this granite/stone hideous looking ring that I would never be able to get off!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CLM #2 is an many days...

Last night, went to dinner with some friends and what do I do, but spill my vanilla coke down the front of my white shirt. Those of you who know me, know that if I'm out to dinner in a white shirt, I'm inevitably going to spill on it. Just thought I'd share that my two most embarrassing klutzy traits, were revealed again within the span of 2 days. I should be good for a while right?!

Monday, June 9, 2008


I did a funny thing today, and sadly, there was no one there to witness another "Classic Lisa Moment." I was sitting on our department's reference desk at work and had to quickly run back through the staff only door to get something from my desk. I started to trot back and in the process, my black flats started sliding off my feet. In that instant, I knew I was headed for trouble. Yup, the black flats started to come off and my feet got tangled up and....boom, I hit the ground. I went flying, knees first, onto the tiled floor our department sports. No matter how old I may think I'm getting, I can't seem to grow out of these moments.

**And the brain exercising has been working, apparently we need to work on my motor skills, but as mentioned in an earlier post, I had lost a number of important items. I found one yesterday!

Friday, June 6, 2008

History buffs remember

Many of you may know that I love American history. So this post is for me..:) Today marks the 64th anniversary of D-Day, the day the Allies landed at Normandy to push back the Germans during WWII. It's on days like this that I wish I was back in Washington D.C. at the WWII memorial, paying my respects to all those who participated and gave the ultimate sacrifice, because I truly appreciate all they did and gave up. I find that in today's world, there aren't as many willing to sacrifice. I am grateful for those that do, but the pervading feeling is that if it's too hard, one won't do it. There are some things that are worth giving your all for. Many in this country disagree on what those things are, and that is the great trait of America, the ability to argue and continue to debate and CREATE a world we want. But I also feel that many of us have had lives of comfort, that while there is some hurt and sacrifice, it's been a relatively easy life and we have a sense of entitlement. And maybe the world situation now is one we can learn from. So while we may think things are difficult now, I think it does one good to look back and see what sort of standard has been set before and are we able to rise to the challenge and meet it like our predecessors did, I hope we can honor them by using their sacrifice and challenges to move our lives forward and do as good as them.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cooking...lately a lost art for Lisa

Last night, I finally cooked a meal! I made BBQ chicken pizza for my roomies and a friend. And I have to say, it turned out pretty good. I had seen a recipe for pizza online and rearranged it to fit my BBQ chicken pizza needs. So the recipe:

Pillsbury pizza dough (just makes it easier to buy this than make it from scratch)

Hot 'n spicy bbq sauce
a little garlic salt

Diced chicken breasts, pre-cooked before putting on pizza
red onions, sliced
mozzarella cheese
any other toppings you want to add!

Place dough in greased 13x9 dish, pressing dough to go 1/2 inch up sides.
Spread sauce over dough and add toppings. Sprinkle cheese over the toppings. Bake in pre-heated oven at 475 degrees for 20-23 minutes or until crust is golden brown.

And voila! That's it, enjoy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brain exercising...

Occasionally, I feel like I have lost brain power, and this weekend was one instance. For the life of me, I can't find three items that are somewhat important to me. I blame the misplacing of these items on the fact that I had numerous other things happening, but now that my crazy life has calmed down, I can't remember where these items are. Or, as has been pointed out me, maybe I'm just getting old and that our brain power slowly but surely decreases. So I am in search of ways to exercise my brain, so that it doesn't shrivel up and die. Any ideas? I was thinking new books, on new topics, mind games, anything, throw them out there. Maybe, if I exercise my brain back to where it was 10 years ago, I will find those missing items...

One of the missing items is my camera, so pictures may be few and far between until I find it!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Last Full Measure...

While that line is found in a Civil War book I love to read, we gave it our all on our last full day in Hawaii. Friday, we went off early to Hanauma Bay, ready to snorkel around with the beautiful fishes. It's a state park and nature preserve. So before you set loose on your aquatic adventure, you have to go through a little video training on how to treat the coral reef and beach. It gives an interesting little history on how the bay was created as well. So we trekked down to the bay and swam our hearts out. I hadn't been snorkeling in a while, so it took a little practice to use the mask and tube, but once I got the hang of it, I was off. I only wish I had an underwater camera, but guess you'll all have to go there for yourselves if you care to know what we saw:)

We decided to drive around the island one more time. So up the coast we went, our car King Kamehameha having been a fabulous host and continuing to show us the sights. We stopped at Sandy beach one more time. The water was much more tame than the previous Sunday and absolutely GORGEOUS! The colors were amazing, just so beautiful, i could have sat there staring forever at it. When I think Hawaii, that will be the beach picture I remember. (one little thing, I finally got sun! my back had burn lines, woohoo!)

After that, we continued driving, still in awe of where we were,

...till we reached Laie again. We hadn't stopped by the temple on our earlier drive on the north shore, so we stopped there for a little bit. We kind of tried to avoid the sister missionaries(sorry, love them) but we just wanted to walk around, but they caught us on the way out and gave us flowers.

We of course had to stop by Matsumoto's for our third and final taste of Shave Ice. LOVED IT!! And we took our final drive down the highway through the middle of the island, past the jungle. But we were anxious to get food!! It was our last night in Hawaii and we were going to get something great. We had made reservations for the Hula Grill. And we were going for whatever we wanted. It was my turn for steak and it was the best meal I had had all week and I think Pam and Bryonny would agree. We had finally found food heaven in Hawaii. Our server was awesome, and it was a great evening to end Hawaii with.

*One little foodie note, this restaurant the Hula Grill, had this dipping concoction that was fantastic. Just like at some Italian restaurants, they had oil and a vinagarette to dip bread in. Except this vinagarette was something fruity and also had chili peppers in it, so sweet and hot. It was SOOO good. i need to find out how to make that...apparently there is a sister restaurant to the Hula Grill, called Jake's up in Del Mar, so if they have that bread and dipping oil, I'm there.