Sunday, March 21, 2010

The new niece!!

I needed to post about my new niece!! I haven't seen her yet but plan to! Here she is. Her name is Sydney Olivia Keogan. Looks so cute!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The balancing act called "Life"

>These last few weeks have been a growing experience and not always in the most comfortable way. Work, church, friends, family and personal time have all collided to become a votex of spinning choices and priorities. Where do I put the greatest priority, my most time, my most attention. I'm sometimes not so sure what to do and I know I've missed out on choosing "the better part" in some decisions. I'm not sure how to fix it and if I ever will be able to totally balance out everything that goes on in life.

I've also learned that communication is, really, the most important trait, in ANY relationship. Between friends, between coworkers, between family. What does communication mean? It includes expressing your own opinions as well as LISTENING to the others opinions. It included understanding where the other person is coming from and trying to find out what they really mean by listening. It included expressing your own opinion back by using what you have learned from listening to them. It's a pretty important trait. And most people don't have a talent for it. I'm not saying I'm one of those who do. I have certainly figured out that I don't always understand what others mean. It's a hard thing to develop and it's been stretching me. It's late and that's been my life lately. All I know is, I'm tired at the end of the day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet option

There seems to be a craze going around the country... from Nashville to San Diego. A few friends and I want to jump on the cupcake craze wagon. Yes, we want to be one of those crazy bakers. So in order to get this idea going, we are testing cupcake recipes out on folks to find the best ones-best flavor, best texture, best frosting, etc. Tonight, I made the strawberry shortcake cupcakes. I think they look nice. I will be taking them to work tomorrow to be tested by multiple subjects(I love the built in system:). It's my first attempt and making a "pretty" cupcake, so they still require some work. But maybe in the next year, you won't be hearing about "GiGi's" anymore (though still really good), you'll hear about an as-yet-unnamed bakery here in San Diego. We hope to get some great recipes finalized, along with a name, and start hitting up the Farmer's Market circuit down here to see if we can sell anything.

So, if you can think of a greatly creative name, that is most appreciated:) We have a list of some we like, but we're looking for something that would just roll off the tongue or at least sound tasty enough that you HAVE to go there to partake of the tasty confections!

Frosted cupcakes

with added strawberry goodness

She's here!!

My sister had her baby! Niece Number 2 arrived tonight, looks like she has a Christensen trait, lots of hair! Congrats to B & G!