Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Spirit comes in a tupperware

This year, Christmas was a little outside the norm. We gathered at my sister's housee (thanks Jordan's) and did Christmas on Wednesday. My brother had to work Christmas eve and Christmas day, so we bumped the holiday up. My dad still did the traditional reading of "The Gift of the Magi" and the one gift of PJ's were opened. All good times. I love my family, but sorry folks, the niece stole the show. She is 15 months old and a jabbering, fun, laughing, intuitive little girl. I love playing with her. So one day, while in one of her silly moods, she pulled out a square tupperware container. It fit over her head perfectly. And, we found out, it fit on top of my head just fine as well. This discovery though, gave Mariah an idea. This container is like a helmet, it will protect my face and head from anything. She then proceeded to test her helmet theory, by headbutting me. Ahh, the joys of childhood. I think 15 month olds have harder heads than us adults. After every hit, she would giggle and think it was the funniest thing ever. Next time, I'd like to find my own tupperware helmet.