Monday, April 20, 2009

Third Hour..

Love RS...(especially for the next year or so:)

How has RS helped you?

For me, it keeps me grounded. I have come to see some interesting things in my job and being surrounded by agencies that epitomize what some might call 'government incompetency' at it's finest. If my life was taken up by this drama, I think I'd go crazy, so Thank You RS for keeping me focused on what is truly important in life. Because, what I see everyday is not.


Shelley and Steve said...

You know what... I miss RS. I rarely have gone since we got married. They keep putting me in YW or Primary. It would be nice to go sometime.

Jay-Dub said...

Whooo Hooo! Yeah! Congrats on the new calling. It is a doozy! You will do AWESOME!!!

hairofgold said...

You have to say this, just like I have to say FHE is the best thing ever. But we will be SOOOOO blessed for this time of service.

Rebecca Fallentine said...

Lisa, you are going to do great! You're a natural. :)