Monday, April 5, 2010

A whole lot of shaking goin' on!

So yesterday about a 1/2 hour after general conference, I guess nature decided to pipe in with it's own power:) A pretty good sized earthquake struck about 120 miles away from San Diego in Mexico. Luckily, here in SD all we really experiences was about 30 seconds of shaking and rolling. It was actually more like rolling, like being on a boat going over waves. It was a weird sensation. In any case, we are fine here. I came into work this morning and our lights were out, apparently the earthquake had shaken connections loose in the whole federal building, our elevators were down and out for the count and our courthouse annex in El Centro, about 30 miles from the epicenter was damaged so court from out there moves here today. Good times.

I have to say, after watching conference this weekend, I did come away with a greater sense that I need to DO more. So if the feeling wasn't enough, the earthquake was a jolt to do. I am purchasing more food storage and water this week. I have my 72 hour kit in my car and will rotate that food out this week too. I am going to purchase water for my car. Maybe it's a little extreme, but after watching my bosses and others in the federal court go into emergency mode to make sure our El Centro folks are okay and that the normal processes can go on, I am impressed by their calm and quick manner to DO something. So I will follow, don't need to shake me twice!


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