Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mormon Helping Hands....Manual Labor La Jolla Style

So, yesterday was the State of CA Mormon Helping Hands day. Each ward was assigned a park to clear out. My ward, the La Jolla Singles ward went to town on our project, which was the removal of Arundo (bamboo like plant) from a creek bed. It had choked up the creek and there was trash and yucky stuff stuck in a forest of this stuff. Our mission: to remove the plants, leaving a 6-12 inch high stalk, which will be chemically killed later. Operation helping hands is a go!

and some pics of the event:

in the arundo forest

the size, this was just one end of the forest, we actually went down the path to the other end and worked from there to be closer to the dumpster.

the work crew


Melissa Christensen said...

Good job! I'm glad we didn't have that assignment. Your brother painted the back boards on the basketball courts. I walked the dog ;)

hairofgold said...

Man, life is rough in the SD! You are the best!