Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Over the mountains we go...to Klagenfurt Austria!

We moved on from Venice to Klagenfurt Austria. My Aunt Kelly and Uncle Martin live there, teaching school. They were so kind to let us stay there a couple nights. We took a bus from Venice to Klagenfurt, being dropped off at the train station. 

We were waiting for my aunt when she came up behind Tasha and I and surprised us. How fun it was to see her!! I was so excited to be in Austria with them. And she had wonderful news for us...our luggage had arrived before us that day at her house!!!! WE HAD LUGGAGE again! I had been praying for our luggage since Venice and while kind of disappointed when it didn't arrive in Venice, we received it later and didn't have to lug it around Venice, over the bridges and cobblestones.

After being picked up, we were fed by Kelly and Martin and wonderful dinner and shown our rooms at Hotel Krenn. Kelly was so nice and made up our beds, put a stamped postcard, chocolate bar and Haribo gummies on our beds.

It was so fantastic, my friends kept saying how great my aunt and uncle were so thank you Krenns for being so great and welcoming! We went to sleep enjoying being in a home. The next day, Kelly and Martin showed us around Klagenfurt and the surrounding countryside. First stop, Minimundus.

This place has small reproductions of well known sites around the world. When I say small reproductions, I mean smaller than the building itselt, but larger than people.

We went out to Hochosterwitz, a castle outside Klagenfurt. On the way, we stopped at some excavations of Roman ruins. As we were driving along, we saw the castle up on the hill. It was amazing, this is what I was hoping for in Europe. America doesn't have the old places like Europe. It was so cool to see these places.

We parked at the bottom of the hill and walked up the road through all 14(?) gates the castle had. It is said this castle was never conquered and after walking the road, I can see why. It would have been hard. We searched through the castle, the armory, the garden and admired the view from the top of the hill of the surrounding countryside. Amazing that just over the mountains from Venice, we were in this lush green mountainous countryside, with lakes and castles.

(just a fun little pic of my aunt and uncle:)

Kelly and Martin showed us the lake near their house and through the town of Klagenfurt, with the Lindewurm.

We went to a restaurant to eat real Carinthian food, cheese noodles. I really enjoyed Klagenfurt. We stayed one more night there with my aunt and uncle. We were well fed and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Kelly and Martin took us to the train station the next morning after feeding us the best breakfast, and sent us off to Munich!