Sunday, November 7, 2010

Comings and Goings of September and October

I may have traveled, but other things did happen over the last 2 months. I had a birthday, yes, I hit 31. Kind of crazy to think of being 31. But I turned 31 and left on my trip, so guess it started off grand! For the big day, we did a dinner and dessert night at my friends newly built house. Bry has a wonderful kitchen, big tables, sitting room and outdoors, so fun. It was super fun, we had pulled pork sandwiches, salads, fruits, veggies and cakes, I've got great friends!! They're terrific. If I had to turn 31, they did a great job of ringing in this year for me, such great people!
So here's a few pics of the great event:

Bry always does beautiful presentations

Wonderful food and people!

So great!

These ladies are wonderful, love them!
It was a good birthday!

In October, Halloween of course had to be celebrated. So what better way than at the Happiest Place on Earth!! Halloween, Disney style, super fun!!


Shelley and Steve said...

I showed Mariah the pictures and said look Lisa's the witch from snow white and she said no, she's the queen... i gotta get my characters right.

Allison said...

Yeah for a happy birthday!! Certainly wish I could have been there to join in on the festivities!!!