Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm crazy, for those of you that know me, this is crazy of me.

I am running in the So Cal Ragnar Relay. Don't as me why, I haven't yet figured it out. It's a team relay run from Huntington Beach over to the I-15 freeway, down through Temecula, into Escondido, back west to the ocean and then all the way down through San Diego, Imperial Beach and back up the small strand that becomes Coronado Island. I will be running in the #10 out of 12 runners slot. Every runner runs three times. We start Friday morning, April 15th and finish somewhere on Saturday afternoon. My relay team is made up of a bunch of single girl friends of mine. Some have run this before, others like me haven't. The longest distance I have to run is 6.4 miles on my last leg. My legs are first through Corona, second in San Marcos and then third, from the downtown San Diego Harbor all the way to Imperial Beach in National City, south of San Diego.

I am trying to train for this by running 4 times a week, at least 3 miles each time. Last Saturday I did almost 4 with my friend, Tuesday did a little over 3 on the trails below my house, today have plans to run almost 4 and then will run tomorrow morning before heading up to Orange County for the day.

As Jenna and Rosey said, "this will be the best/worst day of your life." Why?!?!?


The Keogans said...

I want to do it!

Melissa Christensen said...

We shall come and cheer you on!! It will be great! You will feel so accomplished, energized and tired and the next day you might be sore :) If you can manage to do some weight training on your legs two days a week that will help also and make running a day a piece of cake :) After wards we should celebrate with a giant pasta meal! (I say "we" because I'm pregnant and can eat pasta anytime and you just burned a bunch of calories for us...thanks in advanced)

good luck!

Shelley and Steve said...

Crazy... yes.
But enjoy it... if you can. ;)

Pikula's said...

I am so proud of you!! We have a few friends that are running in it too!! Good Luck and have fun!!

Omi said...

This is from the kid that hated running in middle school. I am glad that you enjoy it now. I have never learned to enjoy it. I do like to walk. Have fun.