Thursday, September 29, 2011

Challenge myself

I have been reading this blog lately. It's been intriguing and while I'm not up to par with Gabe and Brittany, I have been toying with the idea of trying to go the less processed food route. So this blog has a 10 day challenge, adapted from this families 100 day challenge of eating no processed foods. I think I'm going to to try the 10 day challenge. Here are the rules to eat by:

What brings this on you ask? Well, I've been ridiculously busy this week and last week. So much so, that I get home late, can't get up the energy to make a good meal for myself at 9:30 at night and so resort to the wonderful brownies that my roommate made along with ice cream that the other bought, topped of with whipped cream and chocolate syrup....twice. Yes, I have devolved into bad eating habits. So, I needed a wake up call and a challenge to myself to do better. This requires me to have good foods stocked up and ready to go, and not resort to late night sugar binges to satisfy my hunger and laziness. So...I have a weekend away starting Friday night. I'm going to start my 10 day challenge next week, on Tuesday. I need to go shopping Monday night for my 10 days worth of food. I'm going to take a look at the menu offered on the website and choose some things I want to make and do and hopefully see some good results, at least being able to get back on the wagon of making regular meals again!


Shelley and Steve said...

Its a lot easier to eat healthy when you don't have to work all day. Not that I eat healthy all the time now but at least I usually have the time to cook dinner. You know, you can make larger batches of healthy dinners and then put the leftovers in ziplock freezer containers too. Then on those nights when you get home at 9 and don't want to cook you just pop one in the microwave.

Melissa Christensen said...

I didn't learn how to cook until I was married, so you see, you are WAY ahead of me! Go Domestic Diva, go!