Monday, January 16, 2012

Days off...too much time to think

One perk about working for the federal government is the federal holidays that come with it. Today is one of those days. After spending the morning outside, it was time to come home and enjoy the 55 degree, drizzly day by turning on the fire and ruminating.

The last week has been somewhat of a puzzle. I have hit another one of those moments where you have to make a future career choice. There's just too many scenarios that play out in my mind. This choice could lead here, this one could lead there. Sometimes these options are too political for me. I don't like the politics involved. If I decide to stick with the current direction, others that could make decisions about my future career might not like that. But if I take a job that has opened up, I may be putting myself in a position I don't know how to move out of in the future. Then, it wouldn't look so good if I took a job to then try to move to another in just a little while.

So, what to do? I know life doesn't turn out the way anyone expects. I never really thought I'd have to take every 3-5 years figuring out what to do in a career which has always stayed out of the Goal-#1-slot. The gap between where hopes and expectations and reality stand and stare at eachother is sometimes a hard chasm to fill. Somehow it has to be filled in order to feel things are ok with the world.

So, here we go again. attempting to cross that gap and accept that there are some things I can control and that there are some things I can't. And all will be ok.


Celia's Gibberish said...

I know how you is really strange sometimes.

Omi said...

Love you Lisa. All WILL be okay.