Monday, January 13, 2014

Classic Lisa moment #...can't keep track anymore.

Last week at work brought about another classic blunder to add to my portfolio. I was at work on Wednesday. My coworker was out that day, so I was the only running our area. I had documents to stamp case numbers on, but my stamper was out of ink. So I got my bottle of ink out and went to pour ink onto the stamp pad, when to my shrieking surprise, the stopper came right out of the bottle, instead of doing it's job and maintaining a slow flow of ink! All of it right onto my desk and all over my hands. Yes, I had to clean up the desk and work through the rest of the day with black ink-stained hands. To top it off, that next half hour became the busiest of my day. Of course, Murphy's law. So attorney's, law clerks all needed something right then, and I got to explain my blackened hands multiple times.

But I will tell you, if you have hairspray around, that will remove ink from your hands or any other area of skin you decide to write or paint on :)