Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer time!

It's the summer of weddings, summer of outdoor activities, what else could a girl want? So after a little blogging hiatus (not my fault, just busy at work. Hey my last job really didn't give me much to do:) So what has Lisa been up to?

Work: It's still really good. I am doing new things every day. I'm getting put on different projects, seeing new and interesting documents (that I really did learn about in paralegal school! Imagine, what I learned directly tying into my work!) And on that note, I finish my paralegal training in 3 weeks! Senioritis is setting in, but I can see the end in sight!

Boating: Last weekend, I went to Big Bear with some friends. A friend had a cabin and so we took up another friends boat and tried our feet at wakeboarding and our bodies at tubing. I have never been wakeboarding and after some attempts, I still need a few more tries before I get up:) It was so fun, but I have to admit, it felt like my arms were rubber afterwards! I couldn't grip anything for a week, my forearms hurt so bad. But, my favorite was tubing. I loved it! I did get a little bodyslammed though (thanks Jake and Chris). My body was a little bruised afterwards, having been bounced around and smashed a few times. But when I flew off the tube and ended up 20 feet from where I got thrown off, I knew I was going to love the rest of day!

Weddings: I've had a few friends get married, but one of my really good friends joined the ranks of the married folks and left our singles ward. I have to say I really miss her there, but am so happy for her. Here are a few pics of the day. She and her now husband (go garbells!) looked fantastic and so happy!


hairofgold said...

I love those pics! We all looked so HOT!!! I'm so excited about tomorrow night.

Garbell said...

I agree with Julia. HOT!