Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Jewel

A couple Sunday's ago I was a little tuckered out from the Prop 8 parties and work. (By the way, I love my work right now, I have just felt a little overwhelmed the last few weeks with so much going on and there was not down time at work either). My posts were probably few and far between, my days have just been flying by that I really can't remember what I have been doing!

Anyway...on to what I did to alleviate my stress. I went out one afternoon to get a glimpse of the sunset over the cove. I had planned on going to the cliffs that over look Black's beach, but there were no parking spaces. So I drove down below UCSD a little bit and found another lookout point (I think I actually created my own, there weren't any trails:) The clouds were beautifully spaced and the weather was just gorgeous. By the way, it's been about 85 degrees this weekend. There are fires up in LA, which is a bummer, but down here, we've had some nice weather though the fear of fires is still there with the Santa Ana's. But it has made for some nice pictures.

And to show what prop 8 calling looked like: