Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be careful what you ask for...

A couple months ago, I was feeling a little anxious about the lack of direction in my life. I finished up my paralegal program last year, did that stuff to move my career forward in a different direction. But I felt a little like I needed something different. Maybe a move? I didn't know. So I decided I needed a little heavenly help on that front. This is what happens when you really want to know what Heavenly Father wants you to do, you ask and then BAM, something happens. I think someone is up there waiting for you to ask and then a button is pushed and "Whamo" you are given, maybe not exactly what you were hoping it would be, but certainly something that will move you forward. When I felt I needed a little bit of a change in my life, a button was pushed, and a new calling issued that would change up my life quickly and move it in a less selfish direction, amazing how that can happen so fast!

Last night I was feeling that I wasn't doing enough in said calling. I thought about it for a few minutes in my car before a meeting and got an immediate phone call, from my Bish giving me a specific assignment. Again, quick answer, even BEFORE I really asked. I'm coming to realize, that asking is getting, maybe not exactly how I wanted to get it, but certainly GETTING.


Janelle said...

This is all so mysterious. What exactly happened. You've made me curious.