Thursday, May 14, 2009


...the new calling is RS pres. It's just opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking of others and what we can do for eachother. What's been amazing to me is that even when I've never met a sister in the ward, and my assignment is to find her and get her reactivated, I feel kind of excited about that. I wasn't really thrilled about that before, but knocking on random doors trying to find sisters that used to be at that address is kind of exciting once you get over the fear factor.


Janelle said...

A-ha. Your previous post makes a lot more sense now.

Lisa, did you see that missionary website I'm working on?

I was wondering if you could write some Portraits like the one I did of myself. You can imagine I did not really want to do myself, but we need more pictures of regular LDS women so people aren't misled as to who and what we are.

Anyways, it sounds like you have very little time. But of those doors you knock. If you find a good story, will you write it for us?

Brad and Mo Petersen said...

Well obivously they picked the right woman for the job! The Lord knows what the heck he's doing! Good luck with it!

Kristy said...

Congrats on the new calling! You will be amazing. I have always thought of you as one of the most compassionate and loving people I know. Those people make GREAT RS presidents. You rock!

Designing Woman said...

You are PERFECT for RS Pres. You are one of the most selfless, kind, down to earth and fun girls I have EVER met. You are the best LC...good luck, you're going to do amazing!

Mindy said...

HEY Friend! I found you :) I know for a fact that you will be AWESOME at that calling. I miss you all so much!