Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Next one...

So, in a couple days I will be flying home for Christensen wedding #2 this year. Brittany and Gabe get married on Saturday in Oakland. I finished making the jewelry for all the bridesmaids(thanks to Bryonny, this was not the scary, incompetency-with- small-objects-event I thought it would be). This wedding will take place in June, a possibly hot time of year in Concord, hopefully we won't melt. I haven't checked up on the forecast, but I just remember the end of the school year being so hot I thought my sneakers would melt! At age 9 when walking home, it was SOOOOO HOOOOTTTT! But hopefully, we'll have perfect weather.

The next dilemma is how to do my hair for Brittany and Gabe's big day...I know, such a big decision, it could make or break the day:)

Celia-how's the other bookend doing?


Melissa Christensen said...

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