Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a little tired...

I don't think I've ever been so tired, IN MY LIFE! What I wouldn't trade for those long nights of studying in college. For whatever reason, those seem more manageable than my life does right now. Sorry, this is a little bit of a venting post. I've struggled over the last year with how to balance and prioritize. It's a little hard. I'm amazed at my family, extended family, and friends that are able to have spouses, kids, and jobs and seem to do it all. I have me to take care of, and can't seem to do that. It makes me a little nervous to try to add one more person into my life. I think Heavenly Father knows that, cause nothings coming ;) In any case, I have a feeling this is a life long struggle, that it doesn't go away with a spouse and kids, probably just a different kind of prioritizing.

On September 3rd, I will be leaving this tired life for a couple weeks to go traveling with a few friends. We are headed to:

then here:


a little castle:

and further east:

a little down:

and ending:



Kristen said...

Wahoo! Looks like fun! Sounds like a much needed vacation for you! Who else is going? Anyone I know?!

Allison said...

Taking care of just you? And about 200 other women! You are seriously the one who should write a book about prioritizing and staying sane with the schedule that you keep.

So glad we got to see you and spend time with while we were there. It was fun to catch up. Can't wait to do it again.

And yes, I am still insanely jealous of the trip you guys have planned.

Thekrenns said...

We like the second famous city the best! :) Can't wait to see you!

Brad and Mo Petersen said...

One word...Jealous!

Alex said...

Looks like a fun trip! Can't wait to see pictures of the adventure!

LA Adams said...

I went walking with your mom tonight and she told me about your trip! Fantastic! You should have soooo much fun! ^-^