Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pearl showed her age this weekend:)

Oh Pearl, such a great car. I bought Pearl in 2002, the year after I graduated from BYU. Pearl (OZ rally edition, yes I wanted a little more sporty) is a great little car, who drove me to roommates and friends weddings, up to Idaho to drop Brittany off at BYU-I, back and forth to Utah, down to San Diego in 2005, up and down the California coast, interior and even more times to Utah. She's closing in on 100,000 miles. Yup, she doesn't look her age. Except this week, when her engine decided to show it's age. Oh, so not fun to go into the mechanic and have them tell you, "your timing belt, water pump, idle valve and O2 sensor need to be replaced." I knew the timing belt and water pump were coming, I was bracing for that. But the other stuff, geez. Pearl had to be kept in the shop for 4 days, Saturday-Tuesday. I got to rely on others to drive me around, so fun! I forgot how much I don't like not having my own car to drive around town in.
So,instead of a possible new car in a year or two, Pearl will be mine till she dies. She's now got about another 80,000 miles on her, with a newly cleaned engine, new parts and soon, new brakes! It just keeps getting better:)