Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Christmas letter

The close of 2010, a time to reflect and wonder where the year went. It’s been an amazing year, full of family, friends, trips, church,work and change.  There were visits to many family members and friends, a consistent increasing workload at the federal court, and many opportunities to meet new people as time was spent in church callings.  A highlight of the year was my first European trip. Three great friends and I traveled to the Italian city of canals, the singing hills of Austria, Germany, Hungary and Czech Republic, making stops in 8 cities in 16 days. So Great!! A stop in Klagenfurt, Austria allowed us time to visit Aunt Kelly and Uncle Martin, and a stop in Vienna meant time with Marie and an introduction to Egbert, Marie’s husband. After a year of planning, it was amazing to actually see such old historical buildings, sites and the richness of culture and food and experience being yelled at in German by the train conductor, everybody’s wish right?! It was the best trip with great friends and so many memories. More memories of mine can be found and browsed on
As the year brought a new niece and a new nephew, and the passing of family and friends, my thoughts turned often to our Savior and his atonement. The many changes and trials that occur in our lives, while hard, do bring times of growth and hopefully a turn of our hearts to the One who knows how to succor us. I am grateful for the lessons learned over the past year and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and wish you a wonderful 2011!