Saturday, December 11, 2010


I apparently can't blog fast enough! It's December and I'm still trying to get my trip written about. Sorry for those of you who read this and either wanted it or don't, but it's become a way for me to document my trip and not have to rejournal entry it.

We arrived in Vienna in the afternoon on September 10th(I remember this because we left the same day of my brother's birthday and Marie and I did a video for him, which I just remembered I haven't ever posted:) Marie and Egbert met us at the train station and helped us figure out where our hotel was. Once we dropped off our luggage, we went back out on the town. Marie and Egbert showed us around, where we saw Stephansdom (which was under construction, but according to Marie and Egbert, it always is).

The church has beautiful gargoyles and the tiles were colorful. I can't say it enough.  I loved walking around the cities, where streets for walking were the norm in the center of the city.

We found a few shops near Stephansdom (which means some people found nativity sets!) and then we were on our way to the Vienna Opera, where we saw Mozart's the Magic Flute!! We got really cheap tickets, which get you standing room. Marie taught us that you take your scarf and wrap it around the banister to save your place and then you walk all around the operahouse and see the sights!

Tasha and I stayed for the whole opera, but across the house was the hotel where you can get the world famous Sacher tort.

They enjoyed that and were so kind to bring Tasha and I back a slice. It was pretty good! And helped us have wonderful dreams as we slept after our full day in Vienna.


MyrtleHernandez said...

what a great blogs i like the church that you post ..

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