Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vacation to the East

No, not to the far east, but the east coast, Virginia to be exact. A few friends and I had been planning this trip for a number of months and it finally came! Blessed day! It came at a great time when I needed a break from work and some other items that press for my time. Our first day was filled with Delta Airlines, leaving from San Diego through Detroit, to Richmond Virginia. That little puddle jumper from Detroit to Richmond was certainly not my favorite. Still Delta, still the wonderful Biscoff cookies that they serve, but I think the little planes allow me to feel the air beneath us just a little too much. I didn't feel very well through that whole flight. But, in reality, I never feel wonderfully well on planes anyway.

We flew into Richmond, picked up our rental car and began our first adventure-to navigate our way to the Gholson homestead. After getting on the magnificent toll road, we got off on the correct parkway, but took off on the wrong exit. Should have taken 2nd Iron Bridge instead of the 1st exit. (Don't worry, by our last day there, we finally had it figured out). We met up with Ron and Katie, to then go back into Richmond for fabulous food in an area of downtown that is being renovated. Bottom's Up Pizza is fantastic, huge pies and pretty much fantastic! I got one slice and could not eat the whole thing. I think it was bigger than my plate. What's cool about all the shops around there is that they are old tobacco warehouses that are renovated to bring business to that area. I am a sucker for things old, walking the Riverwalk was just up my alley!


Alex said...

It's awesome you ladies take so many vacations together!