Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Morning thoughts

It's been a while since I wrote anything. So maybe I should try something. It's Saturday morning. I have a busy few weeks at work. It's been project after project, with no real slow down since October. Now, with the government sequestering money and taking it back from agencies, we have less money, but still have to do the same amount of work. So, less positions are filled, luckily no furloughs as of yet for my office, but more work to go around. But today, I have a little chance to relax. I spend the night at my friends house and today, 4 of us are headed up to the Newport Beach temple to do a session. It's been a nice relaxing morning so far, I've gotten my visiting teaching report requests out, and I am updating, in a haphazard fashion my blog. I've been overwhelmed the last few weeks with things I needed to do and responsibilities and it's so nice to just take a day. I've been reading a book called "The Great Decision," and I probably should have read something else. It was so interesting, it was about the Marbury v. Madison decision of hte 1803 Supreme Court, which put the Supreme Court on the same level with the Executive and Legislative branch, allowing it to be a check and balance as the constitution called for. But, I work in a courthouse every day, so maybe something with some levity would have been preferred. But I found it required me to really think, and maybe I'll do a book review on it, just to show I did make it through.

I've made risotto twice now, and I have to say, it's becoming my new favorite dish. It's so creamy, can be rich with flavor and filling. So good. Life is moving ever faster to me, I can't believe it's March already and maybe that's caused some reflection. Three of my sisters are having babies this year, it will be the third for each one. So by the end of the year I will have 12 nieces and nephews. I measure my life sometimes in these birthdays and events that happen, and it occasionally sparks a little jealous note that it would be nice to measure my life with my own events like that. Instead, I throw trips into the mix to measure my life. A couple friends and I are going to Austin, TX in April to see the place. I am running a race the end of March, a little 5k in Balboa Park to raise money for Autism research. I will hit my 2 year mark as being Relief Society president in June.  Life measurements have different markers for me, but that's okay. But sometimes, it would be nice to be able to measure life like so many others around me. And yet, I have a great group of friends who are in the same boat as me, who feel that same way, and so it's not so lonely. If I have to be in this boat, I'm rowing along with some fantastic people, and it's not an empty boat.

Okay, that's enough seriousness.