Friday, July 20, 2007

Does it ever end?

So this week has been a little crazy, I must admit. I don't mean to complain, but you know when you have so much to do and there is literally no time for it all? Work has been picking up lately, you may ask why would an archivist's day be so hectic or stressful, but let me tell you it can! Especially when your boss is a little on the mean side. Other than the sarcastic remarks I got from him and being ignored for a few days by him as well, work was okay. I was busy, which I prefer to just sitting around. But those are the times when my blog gets done, or like today, I'm just tired of work:) So my coworkers were sending around a link to a site to create your own Simpson's movie avatar! How fun! Of course I jumped at that, anything to not think about my boss next door(catching on to a theme here:( So here is my avatar. Looks somewhat like me if I dare say. So try creating one of your own, it was pretty fun and took up some time this morning. I would love to see how close yours come, so send them my way!!

Try the link: