Saturday, July 21, 2007

Forgot about my 4th!

Over the 4th of July, I went to visit my sister. While there, my mom and another sister came down. We had a fantastic time, going to the Lincoln Shrine in Redlands. It's the largest collection of Lincoln memorabilia west of the Mississippi, who would have thunk it would be in Redlands CA! But it is and it was pretty cool.
The highlight of the week for me was the movie Transformers! It finally came out. I was so excited to see it. My sister Brittany was also (she's in the photo with Optimus Prime). I loved it so much, I saw it again the next Saturday! I could probably go see it again. I'm not sure why this movie was one of my favorites. Not the best acting in the world, but anything that takes me back to my childhood is worth the money. I so enjoyed feeling like a kid again. I remember those early Saturday moring cartoons, having to get up at 6am to watch while my parents stayed in bed and thought that's where I still was. In any case, I loved it, you should all see it!
Here is a pictures of my sister and I, we were driving down a desolate road out of Yucaipa, where my sister lives, into Redlands.


Shelley & Steve said...

That road isn't desolate... it just goes over a hill! Come on! You make it sounds like I live in the middle of nowhere... ;)