Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Break time coming up!!

So for the last two months, I have been taking classes at night towards a paralegal certificate. They have been really good. I have learned a lot. I feel like I have the basics down at least. My second class has it's last meeting this Thursday and we will be turning in our last paper and taking the final. I am really excited for this class to be done. I have had a writing assignment due every week for this class as well as a lot of reading. My lunch breaks have been used to read up for this class, no more reading my favorite novels:( I have had a good time being back in school. I've missed the learning, the feeling that I'm moving towards a goal and completing something, instead of sitting 9-5 at a job where I do the same thing every day. While I don't necessarily like giving up my nights to classes, I think I can handle this until next July. Yup, I will be done next July my friends, only 10 more months! During the month of September, I don't have any classes! Then I start three classes in October and go until July, with the exception of December, which I have off as well. So it should be good. Lawyers I know have already told me to look them up when I'm finished with the program, so I think I will be able to find a job quickly. Yea for new things, new challenges, time stuff!


84RKR said...

oh wow! that's cool... career change ehe? you mean being in the midst of Seuss treasures isn't all gold & gum-drops?