Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kid Nation?

So I just saw an ad for a new reality television show, "Kid Nation" premiering tonight on CBS. I think I may have to watch this one. The premise is 40 kids, running an old western ghost town, they are divided into color groups, they elect one member from each group to be on the town council and they have town meetings every three days to decide if things are going well, do they change the councilman, that sort of thing. Apparently they don't vote anyone off, but if a kid wants to leave, they can. Every day they have competitions, like sheep wrangling, to see which group is in charge of chores or food preparation for example. It looks to be a modern day Lord of the Flies, which kid is going to step up to take charge and make sure they don't fight eachother off. Looks kind of interesting. But it also makes me wonder, how many more original reality shows can we come up with? Honestly, everything is "reality." What if I no longer want reality, but fiction? Give me some made up story!


prepossessing said...

Saw your blog while surfing around

I saw an advertisement for the Kid Nation show as well. Don't you think there are probably adults running things behind the scenes. i.e. the cameraman?