Friday, October 12, 2007

Da Vinci Code...and other random thoughts.

Random thought 1: So I read this story(link below) regarding the Knights Templar and other interesting facts about them. What is interesting to me, besides all that history stuff, is that it was the Catholic Church archives that opened up these files. The Catholic church has really old archives! I love stories that validate my profession!

Random thought 2: Let me describe a coworker of mine. She is an older lady, probably around 55, she just graduated from law school last May, just passed the bar and is now looking for jobs. She also is a very heavy smoker and has a very low, raspy voice. So I've noticed over the last few weeks, that she talks to herself. Her cubicle is just across and down from mine. I stared hearing a low pitched hum coming from that direction and upon further investigation, I realized it's her talking. Sometimes she'll talk about something she's working on, something in the news or even, a continuation of a conversation she had with a few of earlier that morning! It's kind of funny. But it got me thinking, would I be more productive and better organized, if I spoke my ideas/plans out loud? So I tried it a little bit yesterday(our office is so quiet there are 5 people gone right now) and I have to say, the thought processes worked better, I organized what I had to do better. I probably won't do this all the time, but sorry if you catch me from time to time!

Random thought 3: I had really good pumpkin spice swirl cake with cream today at friday forum at the institute. Oh my gosh it was fantastic!


TJ said...

Don't start talking to yourself. It really makes people think you are crazy.

84RKR said...

ok that lady is psycho. deep, low, raspy voice? smoking? talks to herself? do you see a connection? a causal effect even?
i believe putting smoke in your lungs, eyes, nose, brain may be an effective de-stresser due to the fact that your nerves are shut-off or clogged up.... but it does more in the direction of JACKING YOU UP!
case in point.

mmmmmmmm, i want pumpkin pie! (swirled with cheesecake sounds a hundred times better!)