Thursday, October 18, 2007

My future vacations...

I was thinking last night while working on my homework, about possible future vacations. Those tend to revolve around where I can stay with someone, yes I'm that cheap(not really, just budgetary restrictions require that:). So my future trips are:

1. Nashville. My grandparents live back there. My family had a reunion there while I was a junior at BYU, and I'd like to go back. There are so many sites we didn't see. Maybe take in more of downtown, back to Mammoth Caves, more of the Southern plantations homes that have been restored...I'm heading back there! And I need to see my grandparents!

2. Northern Bay Area. Yes, I'm from there, but one of my favorite places on earth is there and I have not been to this particular place in a while. Muir woods, one of the places on the northern california coast to preserve the coastal redwood trees. I love this park. You can hike around the enormous trees, take in the grandness of the forest. I love it. And down the way, is Muir Beach. A nice little rocky beach with tidepools, good's good. One place I have never been, even though I live in the area, is Napa. It's more famous for the vineyards, but I would love to drive through and see the hills with the vineyards and stop in to eat at a fantastic little restaurant. Then go into San Francisco and hang out. I love that area and could go back and play the tourist part. This will most likely happen in April, so if anyone wants to put it on their calendar, Hotel Christensen has rooms!

3. Later next year...2008 will be the year that I FINALLY go to the east coast. Yup, I will take a trip to Boston, up the New England coast, checking out the fall leaves, seeing the early colonial American history, checking out the lighthouses in Maine. I WILL do it!

All this reflection came about when I realized I have 16 vacation days stored up and 17 sick days. Why am I still here! Oh yeah...schoolwork. (And yes Maren, I saw that you tagged me, my 6 things about me will be coming shortly...)


Allison said...

So, I know that you did not ask for volunteers to join you on these adventures, but, well, I am willing and ready to join!