Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I hit the big 30!!

So, apparently my sister and sister-in-law for weeks planned to throw me a big surprise party for my 30th birthday. And, they pulled it off to a tee! My sister and her family had planned for weeks to come down on the 5th of September to go to the San Diego zoo. What I didn't know, was that was a ploy to make sure I had the morning available. They got to my house a little later than I had planned on getting started. (I had a very strict time table that day, we were going to the zoo and then I had a BYU vs Oklahoma watching party to attend and COULD NOT miss a moment of. I know, I'm a fan of BYU football to a fault.) So I was freaking out that we would not be able to stay on schedule. After all the taking care of the kiddies occurred we finally got going. Except for me being blind folded. Excuse me, how can I tell you how to get to the zoo if you blindfold me?! All I was told was it was a little side birthday gift thing. So we drove around for a bit. I could tell we were headed towards the freeway, but lost track of where we were after we did not get on the freeway.

All the timed delay was to make sure the park was set up and ready to go. After they drove me around, we parked, got out of the car, blindfold still on and my niece held me hand through some grass. I had no idea where we had ended up. We kept walking and walking (Steve and Shelley attempted to get me to think they were taking me out in the woods to kill me:) We stopped, I heard some grass crunching, the blindfold came off and.....SURPRISE!!

My mom, dad, sister Brit, bro in law Gabe, brother Kiel, sis in law Mel, cousin Amy and a ton of my friends were there surrounding me. I can't tell you how much that meant. I had no expectation of anything of this sort happening. My parents and family DROVE DOWN FROM NORCAL to come to this. I wish I could express my surprise. Way beyond words. That whole day was the best gift ever!

Here's the bbq that we were treated to. I heard from everyone that these guys made the best burgers!

a picture of some of the group. I think some had come and gone by then! But such awesome friends and family, they're the best!

My brother made a mix of cool music from 1979. Yes I was born in the disco era. And to show that wonderful time, my sister had a cake made in the design of a disco ball. (check out my sister Shelley and Melissa's blogs for more pics.) There was a big "30" pinata and a bucket list with many great suggestions of what I should do in the future.

(And BYU won, they beat Oklahoma 14-13, the best day capped off with a FANtastic gift.)


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Lis! I'm so glad it was such a great day!

Brad and Mo Petersen said...

I love a good surprise party! I'm so glad they pulled that off. This post was excellent!