Monday, February 1, 2010

My new favorite!!! (and not so favorite...)

I have found a favorite place to eat at lunch during the week. I shouldn't love to eat there so much but I can't help myself! Who knew that sandwiches, panini's, soups and salads could be SOOOO good! I really should figure out how to make my own!

It's funny, I work downtown, but don't go outside my office for lunch all that often, so I don't check out the nice, cool little places to eat. I miss that about working in San Francisco, there were some cool ethnic food places to eat and they weren't that hard to get to. With only a half hour lunch, it's kind of hard to get to anywhere diverse or interesting for lunch and sadly, San Diego doesn't offer much in ways of non-chain lunch stops in it's civic area. So I'm settling for the chain, but I LOVE it.

And my not so favorite....
I have been working on a project for the last 3 months at work that required a lot of reading, editing, revisions, brainstorming and meetings. It's our annual report that gets sent to the whole 9th Circuit and to Congress. So, we wanted it to look nice, be as correct and factual as possible but be aesthetically pleasing as well. Not some stuffy report full of figures. I worked along with 2 other people on this. We had many meetings for how the book should be arranged, collected all the agencies reports, wrote our own reports, met with the graphic designer and printer, all that good stuff. So, the reports were delivered today! Yipee, except the director of our procurement department, a man that had nothing to do with the report itself, picked up the reports and started distributing them himself. I'm sorry, that was my job!! And I worked on the darn thing, not him! It kind of bothered me that I put in a lot of hours looking at every word in this report, I kind of felt a little ownership of it. And I feel like that was just ripped away by him acting like he had done it, and now it's his to pass out. He came up to give me MY copy and a few others. I had to respond, I'm sorry, but I'm going to need more, which is why they usually come to me first. I have 105 to send out!! I think I should get the reports and not have to go through Mr. take-your-job-and-get-all-the-credit man.
Anyway...that's it. It's a good looking report. We did a good job. Guess that should be enough, but in the world of office politics and performance, getting credit for what I did is kind of on top of my list!