Thursday, January 28, 2010

Transitioning...(not me personally)

This is a request to all my Relief Society friends. I have been thinking about girls transitioning into the Relief Society phase of their life. This Sunday, me and some other sisters in my ward get to meet with the Stake RS Presidency to discuss this topic. Being in a singles ward, they felt that our ward might have some insight into why so many girls leave the church between the ages of 18 and 20, those hard years where we leave home and go out on our own. So I need some feedback.

What kept you going to church when you moved from Young Women's to Relief Society?
What made you hesitate participating in Relief Society?
Have you seen anything that you think helps make the transition better and lasting?

When I moved away, I was at BYU, and almost 100% went. There were some that didn't, but peer pressure can be a motivator for good when you aren't doing it on your own. Is it just something that happens, everyone needs to find their own way back to Relief Society, or is there something that can be done from the organizations side to help encourage church and participation in Relief Society?

Any ideas?


Shelley and Steve said...

Here are some thoughts and things I've noticed over the years:
-Leaving YW and going into RS just feels weird when you are young and everyone else is "old"
-It might be intimidating
-Everyone talks about their kids and families and you have nothing to say
-It doesn't relate to me
-RS is where women make crafts - why would I go to Homemaking/Enrichment/whatever it is called now?
-Perhaps its just a way of showing "independence" by boycotting something you know you're parents want you to go to.
-It has less to do with RS but more to do with other priorities
-There aren't any guys in there
-I've already been through two hours of church and I'm hungry, I have a car, so I'm leaving!
-Sacrament Meeting is the one that really matters
-The guys know what they are supposed to do after YM - go on missions. I'm supposed to get married... yikes! I'm only 18! I'm outta here!

Personally what I think would really help is if the women in RS would take the time to get to know the girls in their wards while they are young women and understand what they think is important, how they see the world, and let them know that they matter to them and in the church. Then when they make the transition they 1)have a friend, 2)feel more comfortable, 3)feel like they belong, etc.

Hope this helps!

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