Friday, June 29, 2007

Skunks and drunks, but one great campout...

Camping...enjoying the outdoors, listening to a lazy river, enjoying the campfire and tinfoil dinners. Last weekend was one of those type of camping trips and more! A few of us drove out to the La Jolla Indian Reservation where we set up our tents, put on our swimsuits and then tubed down the San Luis Rey River. While not as deep as we might have liked it, there were fun times had by all, especially when you didn't try to steer your tube but just let the current bob you around like a pinball! There were a few bottoms that hit bottom, and a few drop offs which caused one to fly off their tube, but all in all, one fun day on the river.

As for the evening, the four of us girls who were up there first, yes just us girls, were done on the river, we set up the campfire and a good one it was too. We cooked our tinfoil dinners, sat around and talked and then had even more fun when the rest of our group got there. Sometime during the campfire games, a little friend decided to join us. We heard some rustling in a bush, and when the light was turned towards the noise, an animal with a white strip appeared! One of our party jumped up and ran away, screaming, something I have never seen this person do before (don't worry Maren, the secret is safe with me!) This animal even came back a couple times during the night, we were that much fun!

Eventually, the night came to an end and we all retired to our tents, or the flat piece of ground a little further upstream with the great outdoors to keep them company. About 1 hour later, some yelling was heard throughout the camp. As I listened a little harder, it was pretty clear these disturbers of nature, were not quite sober. Come to find out, this group decided to walk right by our friends who were out under the stars, right into the river. They played around in the river, going up and down a couple times until they decided they were done for the night and went off to their campsite. We all then fluffed our pillows, or sleeping mat, and turned in for a restful night's sleep.

Up the next morning, making breakfast over the fire with the smallest cooking set I have ever seen, we got ourselves ready for more tubing and the eventual cleanup of our site. One group took one more bumpy turn down the river before we took everything down, loaded up the cars and drove back to the cooler ocean breezes of San Diego. On the way back down, we couldn't really think of any low points, even the skunk made the high list. It was a great time and start to the summer camping season!