Friday, May 2, 2008

A new favorite show

I have recently found this show online. It's called Samantha Who? starring Christina Applegate. I have class when it's on TV, so I catch up on it later in the week. What I like about this show, besides the crazy storyline of a girl who was in a car accident, woke up from a coma having forgotten parts of her life, especially the part of her life that WAS her, is her comedic moments. She can't remember what she likes, how she feels about people. She will occasionally have flashbacks that show her what kind of person she was, and it wasn't good. So with her new take on life, she is trying to be better than she was. And this is funny folks! Every episode is a new situation for her to learn what she would have done in the past and not do it in the present. I find this so funny. She usually brings the situations on herself, she gets herself into scrapes by her actions or what she says.

I just crack up, cause sometimes I feel like I can empathize with her. I am sometimes a klutz, she isn't the most coordinated; I sometimes can't put my thoughts into the correct words and it comes out differently than what I intended, she just doesn't think sometimes before she speaks; and when looked at in hindsight, she learned something from every situation, usually it's just to just laugh at yourself and go on with who you truly are. This last weeks episode though, was right up my alley. It's on, so check it out!


Jeff & Rushell said...

I love this show! I DVR it and watch it after I put the kids to beds. I'm glad you found it.