Thursday, May 29, 2008

Request for more...

So I got a request for more hawaii...I did kind of leave our week hanging there. So I missed a couple things that we did. One of the days there, we went horseback riding along the north shore. We went to the Turtle Bay Resort and rode along the beaches and forests there, where it was pointed out that Lost was filmed along there (I swear I saw the huge banyan trees from the show, remember the one Kate hid in from the smoke monster?) and the "candy" lane. This is appropriately named, it's where the horses LOVE to stop and eat. Our guides told us this before, that the horses really like to veer off for a treat and in front of our eyes, Bryonny's horse did just that. It turned off and did not want to leave, but did manage to walk away with a mouthful of the tasty rushes.

We then went and tried a local joint for lunch, recommended to us by some San Diego friends. My lunch of coconut shrimp was really good, but bummer for Pam and Bryonny, their fish dishes were not cooked thoroughly. We promptly sent that back and their dishes came back out cooked to their liking.

Then we spent the rest of the day at northshore beaches. By this time, I had not burned yet. I thought, I'm pretty fair skinned, heck I'm Scandinavian, the far north, I should be baking. But nothing, so this day, I went without sunscreen. And much to my disappointment, again, no burn.