Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shave Ice and PCC - LUAU!

Beach picture of the day:

Sandy Beach, we stopped here Sunday.

Monday was the start of the full fledged planned activities. We tried to go to Pearl Harbor, but got there a little late. The wait for the ferry out to the memorial was 2 hours, so we decided to switch up our plans and head to Laie, to the Polynesian Cultural Center. On our way we decided to make a couple stops to satisfy our need for authentic Hawaiian cuisine.
First Matsumoto's for Shave Ice, which has ice cream at the bottom and if you want, atzuki beans, Japanese red beans boiled in sugar, added as well.

Next, a shrimp truck. There seemed to be one on every corner driving from Haliewa to Laie, they love their shrimp. It was pretty good I have to say! Pam enjoyed the coconut shrimp...

On to the PCC, where we were taught about and could sample life from 7 different Polynesian nations. Sadly we didn't get to all of them, but we made it to Samoa, for the coconut husking and tree climbing; Hawaii for the music and dance lesson (sorry Christy, no hula video though); and New Zealand for the welcoming ceremony and dance demonstration, including the haka. We also made it in time to watch the canoe parade, where all the islands showed off their dancing, the luau at night and the Horizon's show. My favorite, the Tahitian dancers - my new goal is to be able to move my hips like that; and New Zealand, I loved their music.

*See if you notice any tanning, that was one of our biggest concerns on the trip. Would anyone be able to tell we had been to Hawaii?*


Bry said...

I think we did get tan! I've had several comments already.. well at least I'm tan for a very fair white girl.