Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas trimmings

I'm so late in getting posts up. I took pictures of our house at Christmas time and some things I like to do. Every year, my mom makes tons of this bread. So I am trying to do this myself. This year, I bought a kitchen aid. I went to an outlet store and bought a refurbished kitchen aid for way cheaper than it would have been new. So I got to make about 20 loaves of this bread this year. I could do about 4 loaves a night after work.

And we put up the decorations

As much work as the bread was, it was fun to make. I turned on music or watched Christmas movies with my roommates and it was a nice feeling for the Christmas season.


suzy said...

Hey girl, I read your post on Vanessa Neal's blog and thought I would hope on over to yours. This is Suzanne Woodland Gee--your old roommate. I loved reading your blog and seeing what you are doing. I have a blog, but don't get to excited. I am a poor blogger who does not do it very faithfully. My blog is

That One Tall Girl said...

i want that recipe!!! that bread is gone in seconds when it is brought to our parents house! i was lucky to be there when it came!