Monday, January 18, 2010

End of the Social Committee!!!

So this last year at work I was on the social committee. It was a group that planned fundraisers, did quarterly birthday parties, provide condolence plants and cards for employees who have lost family members, help plan baby showers, wedding showers all that good stuff. So one of the purposes of this committee was to raise money for the Holiday Party that the three district court agencies have together. So six of us spent the year raising as much money as possible by doing appreciation grams, breakfast carts, opportunity drawings of Padres and Chargers ticket baskets. It turned out that we did alright, because here is the result...
moving all the chairs from the jury lounge...took us all afternoon the day before

the room after decorating..

our tree..

after setting up...

and the chef, my friend Jen, in action...

The party turned out really great. We had almost 200 people including clerks office, court staff, probation and pretrial staff come. We had a live band. A guy in my office is in a band and they played for cheap for us. And we had a DJ from another agency. The food turned out great and everything was good. We got everything set back up that same night and didn't have come back to clean up the room another day. And, even better, the new Social Committee for 2010 was announced!!! No more social committee planning. All in all, a good year for the social committee.