Monday, September 17, 2007

Mud Run Help

So I'm in need of a little help. I, along with a few others who might read this blog, signed up to run the Camp Pendleton Mud Run on October 20th. I had thought I would get away with not doing it, but thanks to Pam calling me out in Relief Society yesterday, I am now for sure running it. I can't quit now that people know! But I need some training advice. What can I do to make sure my legs will continue to move up and down through the deep mud pits, over the tire obstacles and the wall/mud lake? Any ideas besides dropping down dead right now?


84RKR said...

don't run. just pick up your t-shirt and get a ride to the end... go back 10 yards and throw some mud on it.
MUD RUN accomplished!

TJ said...

Integrity Lisa. How about a blog entry on how your training has gone up to this point. How long of a run is it?