Monday, September 24, 2007

Changing of the Colors

One of my favorite time of years is almost here. I love the fall, the season where it gets a little cooler, the red, yellow and orange hues come out, the leaves fall off the trees. I love it. I love pumpkins, apples, apple pie, anything Halloween and Thanksgiving. I might have to say that the holiday period between Halloween and Thanksgiving might be my favorite. I love Christmas, but I love the other two also. I was reading an article about the leaves changing colors in New England, something which I've always wanted to see, and I was a little bummed that it doesn't happen like that here. But then I came across an article that made it all better. CNN's travel section mentioned that the fall colors in Southern California are later(of course) than the north, changing about the 1st week of November, so I can see the changing of the colors! One of the places they mentioned was the drive between Ramona and Julian, out Rte. 78. So anyone else who loves this time of year, give me a holla, grab your hot apple cider and we'll go foliage peeking!