Monday, September 17, 2007

"Oh Don't Worry, You'll be Back"

...the sign said it, but I'm not quite sure if I will, but our Saturday trip to Julian-turned-Santa Ysabel was fun nonetheless. Jenny W., Bryonny, Amanda and I were so excited to drive out to Julian, to enjoy apple pie and the bluegrass festival that was happening this weekend up there. We got ourselves going, driving along the windy Poway Road/78 out to Julian(everyone look straight ahead at the road, no looking at cameras in the back seat, was the phrase of the drive), looking forward to the fun afternoon. Well, we got to a town called Santa Ysabel, population 463, when we were stopped and turned off the road to Julian. We had noticed on our drive, that there was gray-black smoke rising from the direction of Julian, but I had looked the day before to check on a fire near Cuyamaca and knew that fire wasn't near Julian, so we should be fine. Well, a new fire had started in Julian that morning and the sheriffs, highway patrol and police were just then shutting down the road to all, except residents who were able to grab their stuff then evacuate. That would be such a scary thing.
But anyways, we stopped in Santa Ysabel, a small four corner town. There was a Julian Pie Company, where we indulged our need for apple pie and cinnamon ice cream, an antique store we looked around, and the world famous Dudley's Market. I guess it is a great bakery, but they were remodeling, so their baked goods weren't all out. Bummer..but our greatest find was on the way home where we stopped at a fresh eggs shack, and found out that it was a DRIVE THRU! What a fantastic idea, a drive thru egg shack! Saves all the time you might have used looking for your perfect dozen eggs.
Well, while the adventure was not what we set out for it to be, it was a fun Saturday afternoon with the girls. Hopefully they reschedule the Bluegrass festival!


Allison said...

You girls are sooooo cute! Why oh why did I ever leave?

PS, the camera person turned out to be a no go...darn it!

lambini said...

I heart this photo soooOOO much...All my favorite ppl!


I love apple pie.


scratch that -- I like apple pie filling (non-can).