Monday, September 24, 2007

What am I doing to train you ask?

Since I asked for Mud Run training ideas, I should probably post what I am doing already. The run is 6.2 miles. I have never run that far before. I can do about 4 miles right now. Some may think that isn't a lot, but for me, the non-runner in my family, this is a milestone. Really, I wasn't a runner, still am not, but I've gotten better. So I've been running some trails near my house, just down near the railroad tracks, near the freeway and around. I just added some stairs into the mix as well. A park below my house has stairs leading up to my complex, so I've been running those. That's about all I've done. So, I know a few of you run marathons or have one coming up, any ideas? 6.2 miles isn't 23, but it's my marathon:)