Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dance, Dance...

Yesterday, I sat outside at lunch, just enjoying the sun and reading my Business Law book (actually, not much reading was going on, just a lot of staring at the page, then up at people, then back at the page, then back at people, yup, never got through that page). I noticed a student group with a large tent set up on library walk doing a lot of passing out of flyers, but also a lot of dancing. This group was the Hip Hop dance group on campus. It may be called, where you were from, the "Stompers" group, or so I've been told by others whose schools had this type of dance group. It was like watching a UCSD version of "Step Up." I've never seen the movie, or the sequel, but have downloaded some of the music and tried to teach myself some cool moves. But I felt like I was being taught at lunch, so I watched this group perform and found some new moves I can throw into my routine! Watch out at the next YSA dance, I'm there and prepared!*

*Some of you may know, I have only attended 2 YSA dances since moving down to San Diego, so the next YSA dance may not be on this season's tour.


the 84RKR said...

we share an equal love for ysa dances. that's cool!