Thursday, April 24, 2008


I went home last weekend to see my brother graduate from the California Highway Patrol Academy in Sacramento and boy, it was pretty cool. We went up Friday morning and found the cadets all lined up in formation in front of the academy, all stiff and silent. They were not allowed to smile or move out of formation until they were marched into the ceremony. So of course, we tried take pictures and knew that Kiel could tell what was going on, but he couldn't make any movement. So we all go into the ceremony and watch as the cadets march in. Now, while Kiel is not in the military, his training had a militaristic feel, almost like a boot camp. They had to go through so much physical training, marksmanship and classroom time as well. After 6 months, Kiel is now an officer and is assigned to South L.A. Fun times! He's only 1.5 hours from me, and 1.5 hours from Shelley, so we can meet up occasionally.

My sister and her baby, Logan, came out for the graduation as well, so we all got Logan time. I'm sure Brigitte was happy to have many willing and waiting hands to help her take care of Logan, who I think was a little disoriented being in a new place and all, as evidenced by his occasional fussiness. But he's a cute "chubbers" nonetheless.

Since I now have a brother working for the CHP, I've become a little more aware of the drivers around me, and maybe how I drive. I need to back off of other's bumpers, I know! So I am going to work on that. After my friend picked me up from the airport on Monday and while we were driving back home, we saw a woman putting eyeliner on as she was driving on the freeway, how do you do that and still remain aware of the road!! Crazy woman. I feel like my life is speeding by anyway with a lot going on, that maybe taking the time to slow down on the roads will be beneficial to my health as well as my sanity. Road time=relax time. Slow it down people!

picture at stake conference with my dad:


Shelley & Steve said...

I second your need to back off people's bumpers... I've had some scary experiences driving with you... ;)

lambini said...

Freaking AMAZING! My brother did that program a year ago. He said it was HARD but now he too works in LA...central...gotta love it. Definitely nice to have a brother in law enforcement :D