Thursday, April 24, 2008

Has Summer arrived?

So, it is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend here in San Diego, in the low 80s with abundant sunshine. I can't tell you how excited I am, I hope it comes true. It seems like every weekend it's been nice outside, I've been out of town.

Anyways, for the occasion of summer coming, I splurged and bought a new bathing suit. I'm usually not one for buying suits online, but I found this site (after seeing a catalogue for it at a friends house) and decided to buy a suit from it. I'm so excited because I get it today! So we'll see how it turns out, but I'm so excited for summer and beach time. Especially....I go to Hawaii in three weeks!! Yipeee!

Website for the suit:

while i wish I could say this was me, it is not, it's just the cute advertisement for the suits. There is no way I am putting up a swimsuit model picture of me:)


Shelley & Steve said...

I wanna go to Hawaii! Actually I don't think I want to be seen in a bathing suit yet... not like I really ever wanted to be seen...

Its suppose to be like 90 degrees up here this weekend... not looking forward to that heat!

Allison said...

I am soooo jealous of the summer weather you get this weekend! Be sure to hit up the beach for me!

By the way, love the suit you chose!

Gabe & Christy said...

I love that suit! I just sent a mass email to all my relatives about modbe and how great their swimsuits were! Come on, post a picture! Im sure we will get to see it in shots from hawaii right? How fun. I could use a trip right about now too!