Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter in Utah

For Easter this year, my family gathered in Utah for my nephew's baby blessing. I got to meet Logan Christopher Brown for the first time, he is such a cute, solid boy! It was great to be with my immediate family, see Karma and Steve's family and hang out with the Brown's. Celia is in BYU Women's chorus and they had a concert Tuesday night, so Mom, Shelley, Mariah and I got attend that. They were good! I also got to see some old SD friends who now live in Utah, Melissa and Brad, and Allison, in her new house! All in all, it was a great trip. The drive back alone was a little long, but if you have good music, you can sing yourself anywhere for any amount of time.

Of course, what would a trip with Lisa be without one little speed bump in the road. In Beaver, a gas station attendant noticed that my front right tire was bald. I knew I needed to get those checked out and so, he said he would put on my spare for free. Well, long story short, I ended up buying 4 new tires, they apparently were were all going bad. My well laid out budget for the trip was shot down the tubes before even reaching Provo. Oh well, Pearl drives great now. Should be good for another 3 years at least. I guess my prayer for safety was answered, but I was hoping for a less expensive way.

Lil' Logan

Mariah baby

Cousins, cute!

After Women's chorus performance