Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Gas prices!!! Out of this world!

I just had to post about how much gas is costing right now. I drove back from Utah last week and went to stop in a little town north of San Bernardino. The gas was $3.99!!!! for regular unleaded! Oh my gosh! I thought that there had to be one place cheaper. I was lucky I kept going, even with my gas light on. I found a place about 5 miles further down advertising the cheapest gas around, $3.49!! Of course, there was an incredible long line for that place and, sorry Steve, it wasn't a Chevron. But I didn't care at that point, get me something cheap. Little gripe. I filled up yesterday as well for $3.53 a gallon. I'm not driving to work anymore, taking the shuttle as much as possible.

Ahhh, remember the days!

NOW! (i found another station near my house, with the unleaded 87 gas being $3.83, crazy!)